Welcome to the EzChatbox SourceForge.net project page.

This project is designed to provide the end user with an easy to configure chatbox system.

V1.0 of EzChatBox has been released to the public!
The latest version was uploaded today at 12:45pm and is available from the downloads section or from sourceforge.
The latest features include a pop-up window for the smilies and the ability to change the messages via css.

The demo section on the website has been updated to allow you to test out the package before you download it.

I'm looking for ideas to add to the next version so any ideas left in the forum would be great.

Well another year is upon us and it's taken me a month to say Happy New Year! The First official non development version of EZChatBox will be released in the next few days so watch this space. I'm just tweaking the remain few things.

As you may have noticed the site colours have changed a little to a cleaner white and grey combination. I hope this look makes the site a little easier on the eyes.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days!

The beta release is finally out, you can get it from our downloads page. Only a couple of things have been changed from the alpha release. First the time to refresh from the uploading page is now configurable in the config file. Also a smilie document has been added so that you know what's available and what commands control them.
With a couple more changes and additions the final release will be availble before Christmas.

A big thanks to all the comments I've received from you guys using this script.

Sorry for the delay on the Alpha release, but finally it's here for download. Use either the SourceForge site or click the button at the top of the screen to be taken to the download page.

The Alpha release will be available soon, I have added a demo to this site click demo at the top to see how the project is coming on.

I have been thinking about this project for quite some time now and have finally decided to get the ball rolling. When I was looking for an easy to use chat system for a clan website, there were no easy to set up chat systems. At the time the server we were using didn't have an SQL database and all the chat systems that didn't use a database didn't seem to work correctly. The only solution was for me to build one myself.

Over the next few days I constructed a (crude) working chat system, at the time it would let you execute javascript on the system and there was no flood protection. These caused a few problems early on but with some advice from friends the system evolved to provide IP blocking and smilies.

A month later we changed servers and started using a PHP Nuke system with all the facilties we required!

In the next few weeks I plan to have an updated version of the Chatbox up on this site and available for testing. This should provide anyone with an easy to configure secure chat system.
EzChatBox 2004 - CW Enterprises